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Lips Collection was born to represent the “Art of Seduction”, the “Femme Fatal”. This collection puts together the sensual and beautiful idea of women lips together with a PopArt background. Many artists over the years have been inspired by many women seduction and body parts, comparing it to living art pieces. Choose your favourite design!

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It all started with some PopArt artists, like Banksy, criticising the world and providing new form of art that is changing all the rules of art. Here we are, we decided to spread their voice, giving the opportunity to everyone to buy and have this form of art without the need of spending enormous amount of money. 

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Alice Trellakis

"This Canvas is perfect! I love the quality and it is so inspirational!"

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Thank you Skulpta for the amazing canvases! I love them!"

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"I love the canvas! I love the quality and the texture!"

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Loss of forests contributes between 12% and 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emission.

With our global reforestation project we are currently planting 1 tree every canvas we sell.