Art in New York: Beyond the Tourist Attractions

New York is the Capital of Art in the United States

Art in New York can be found in museums and galleries, and often in the open.

The city is the capital of art in the United States, a true paradise especially for art lovers


It is the place where some of the world famous artworks are exhibited

Even if your visit is brief, there is no way you can not see Art in New York, the city offers many different things to see and do, and without a doubt also, for all types of pocket and taste.

What makes NY so special

NYC is so special because it is probably one of the most iconic places in the world

It is home to stunning architecture, art galleries, modern restaurants, alleys and hidden corners, and has the most Instagrammable places of any other urban center.

In the five districts, there is no shortage of things to do and most importantly, places to see. NYC is pure Art!

From Radio City Music Hall to Madison Square Garden, from Broadway to Barclays Center; from Central Park to Coney Island, from Times Square to Empire State Building, from the famous Fifth Avenue to Rockfeler Center, NYC is permanently boiling.

All the things that make New York so special are the things that also make it an Instagrammer’s dream

With endless possibilities of scenarios and focal points for your next post, these destinations are a surefire way to get the photos that will make your feed, above all, perfect.

Because New York has become the Center of the Arts in the World

NYC became the Center of the Arts in the World because, in 1913 John Quinn, a lawyer passionate about art, organized together with the Association of American Painters and Sculptors a large art exhibition called “The Armory Show”.

The exhibition took place in downtown Manhattan and marked the first time that the American public was widely exposed to the news of the art world of that time, that is, they were exposed to ImpressionismCubismFauvism and Futurism.

The Armory Show was so innovative that it led the United States to the “vanguard” of the arts world and established the Big Apple as the Center of Art and a debut stage for radical artistic expressions.



New York has become the Center of the Arts in the world, because from 1913 to the present, it has been renewed in the symbol of autonomy, originality and creative freedom that is manifested in the generalized perception of Western culture as the Capital of Arts of modern times.

Where can I see Art in New York?

In addition to appreciating Art in New York, you will visit the most Instagramables places in the United States

A multitude of things, but to make it easier we made a list. In addition to enjoying Art in New York, you will visit the most Instagramables places in the United States, photograph the famous streets of the films and get lost in the neighborhoods dominated by graffiti. Here is our list of things to do in NYC.

New York Art to See in Museums

Museums are a must for anyone looking to see art in New York. There are more than 80 museums, but we will list where are some of the most famous artworks of the Big Apple.


Museum of Modern Art #MoMAPicks – @themuseumofmodernart



Metropolitan Museum of Art  @metmuseum



Museu Guggenheim #guggenheim @guggenheim



October 25, 2020 — Riccardo Nicosia

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