The famous English artist and writer Basky was born in the 70s and is considered one of the most influential members of the Street Art community. His identity is still unknown.
Banksy’s works first appeared in the underground areas of Bristol, as a matter of fact streets and public areas are preferred places to express his art.
His works illustrate the weakness of humankind. His pieces have an ironic and satirical cut and deal with issues such as the absurdity of the western world, media manipulation, homogenization and the horror of the war, as well as pollution and the exploitation of children, the brutality of police repression and animal abuse.
He delivers messages through a wide variety of references featuring animals, in particular monkeys and mice, police officers but also children and members of the Royal Family.
Bansky exploits and manipulates mass media and cultural codes with refined skills, he transfers horrible but still existing themes in brilliant and pleasant to see artworks that raise awareness on the issues proposed in those who receive them; he is able to transform the social fabric of western cities into places of thought.
Thus, Banksy’s stencils are illustrated with a direct and comprehensible beauty «like an advertisement poster».
Banksy is the man who was able to transform a “vandalistic” act in a socially widespread and comprehensible message for all. He has become this was a defender of human rights in favor of peace and equality.



May 27, 2020 — Riccardo Nicosia

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