Let Yourself Be Inspired By One of Our Beautiful Pieces

・"$ Lips "・

Bring your emotions into your home.

Material: Canvas

The canvas has been the most reliable medium for visual for the last thousand years, and for good reason: it’s durable, affordable, and it holds the color and texture of our art better than anything else on the planet.

Framing Option

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Never rips or tears. Your canvas will be handmade & inspected by experts and ready to last generations—using a solid Canadian timber frame from renewable forests & gallery-wrapped to perfection.


Archival quality ink & high-resolution print processes ensure maximum impact—with absolutely zero loss of quality. No other canvas print provides richer color, more depth, and impressive texture from every angle.


Canvases are three-dimensional & immerses your focus on the art. Enjoy the the beauty of the art from any angle.


Your art is 100% safeguarded against dust, scratches, UV rays, & environmental hazards that normally fade or warp artwork over time.


All materials are 100% ethically made and environmentally safe. Guaranteed.


All canvases come with pre-installed hanging hardware and will never damage your walls. They are assembled and ready to hang right out of the box.


In 2017 Skulpta created an online platform where Pop Art ideals became spreadable in an easy and covenant form. 

The working team has been created with the collaboration of different Italian and English specialists who, with the financial support of a Russian art collector, have built the name of the company reaching nowadays a well-known success in Europe and in the USA.

We care a lot about keeping high standards in respect of our customers and we put the maximum professionalism to any deal we make.

 Skulpta acts as a platform for artists to bring forward their messages. We are making Art more available to everyone, making it more affordable and accessible to every person.

We update our catalogues and collection weekly with original art pieces unique in their kind.

We hope that Skulpta is the solution to find all the niche artwork you have been keeping an eye out for. We hope you like what you see, and find the perfect piece that you want all your furniture pointing at.

So, Welcome aboard and Happy shopping!